The new orphanage shelter in Kale is ready

The new orphanage shelter in Kale is ready

During the mission trip to Myanmar in March 2020, Pauly & Kennedy went to a town in Northern Myanmar called Kale (pronounced "Ka-lay"). Maung lives in Kale with his wife and children, and he runs a small orphanage over there.

In November 2020, Maung told Pauly that he was running out of space because he received a lot of new enrolments. Maung suggested building another dwelling to better accommodate the orphans and this is how the Orphanage Shelter Building Project (OSBP) started.

A target of $2500 was set in November 2020 and after two months of fundraising activities, M2M reached the target. Slightly more than $2500 has been sent to Maung in two instalments.

As per the photos below, M2M is pleased to inform you that the OSBP in Kale is finished.

Maung expressed his gratitude in a message, via Facebook Messenger, which he sent to Pauly on Monday, the 15th of February and here is the text:

Hallelujah, Amen
By your gracious support and help now we have a temporary shelters for the children.
All glory and honor to God.
Thanks you to all for hard working, Your Time as well your money for helping the children shelters.
May the Lord bless you abundantly.



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