Why should I become a member?

Some charities collect large amounts of donations from people and organisations and then, they spend most of that money on administration. Then after that, whatever is left gets sent to the people who need it the most.

At the Mission2Myanmar we have two collection baskets. The first collection basket consists of donations which we send to our recipients through Wise. The second collection basket consists of membership fees which we use to cover our administrative costs.

Becoming a member is easy. Simply fill in the form below and then, we will consider your application. If successful, we will send you an invoice for $50 which is the annual membership fee. Once we receive your payment, we will send you a membership pack by email.

Before you commit to anything, please read the benefits below.


  • You can vote at meetings
  • You will be invited to general meetings
  • You will be notified about upcoming fundraising events
  • You will be entitled to purchase tickets for functions at cheaper prices than non-members
  • You will be given priority for any vacancies in the Mission2Myanmar
  • You can be certain that all the money donated will go to the people who need it the most
  • If you are a business owner we can list your business name and your corporate logo with a link to your website

Need some more reading material?

If you would like to read our constitution before you make a decision to become a member, click here.