Water sanitation in rural Myanmar

Water sanitation in rural Myanmar

Back in May 2024, Elijah asked M2M to send him some money to build a new toilet. Apparently, his old toilet was on the verge of falling apart, and this situation was having an adverse effect on the water sanitation in Elijah's commune.

M2M quickly responded to Elijah's request by sending him the necessary funds to enable Elijah to buy all the materials required to build a new toilet. Below is a series of photos to document the construction of the new toilet.

Elijah and his team worked very hard to build a new toilet.  Below is the result of their hard work and effort.

Toilet occupied
Toilet ready with door open

Water sanitation is of great importance to every person who lives in Myanmar regardless of whether they live in urban or rural areas. At M2M, we take water sanitation very seriously.

M2M is very grateful to our donors for turning this building project into a reality.


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