The shipment to the Karen refugees has arrived in Thailand

The shipment to the Karen refugees has arrived in Thailand

Dear Friends,

During November and December last year, the M2M Team was very busy with collecting tangible goods for the shipment to the Karen refugees who live in Thailand. Eventually, we stopped accepting donated goods because we needed some time for packing and sorting, and we also needed some time to prepare the paperwork for this shipment.

We were blessed with well over 10,000 items! The M2M Team is extremely grateful to all the people who contributed to this project. However, we had too many items. Some items were not going to fit inside the 15 bulk carriers (water tanks); and furthermore, due to Thailand's strict import laws, some consumables had to be offloaded. Therefore, we had an overflow of donated goods which were donated to another charity.

The 15 bulk carriers, that were filled and sent to the port, contained over 2 tonnes of merchandise - what a massive effort! The contents included clothes, bedding, camping gear and cooking apparatus.

On Thursday, the 26th of January 2023 at 7am (local time) in northern Thailand, the cargo finally arrived at the final destination. Below is a collection of photos to document this amazing achievement.


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