The Yangon campus has a new septic tank

Septic tank at the Yangon campus

What happened?

Before we focus on the outcome of this project, it might help if we gave you some background information first.

In the past, the Mission2Myanmar (M2M) sent money to David Ling, the owner of the Yangon campus, to enable David to install a rainwater tank and a water purification system at the campus. Due to these developments, the staff and students were fit and healthy because they had access to clean drinking water during the dry season.

There were some unexplained illnesses at the campus during the wet season. If truth be told, most of those illnesses were caused by water-borne infections. Finding the root cause of the water-borne infections was not easy.


So what was the cause of the problem?

Eventually David concluded that the cause of the water-borne infections was the harmful microbes from the students' toilets. During the dry season there was no need for alarm because the microbes, from human waste, stayed in the ground. However, during the wet season, the river swelled and flooded the campus. By raising the water level, the flood water lifted the microbes from the ground and then, the children became sick because they had to walk through the flood waters mixed with harmful microbes.


Short chronology of donations

In early 2021 David received a generous donation from a donor in Brisbane, to enable him to start building a septic tank. This happened before M2M became a Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) for tax purposes.  The ultimate reason for building a septic tank is to make sure that all the microbes that get flushed down the toilets, stays deep down in the ground. To eliminate the risk of water-borne infections, those microbes must never rise to the surface especially during the wet season.

In the middle of 2021 M2M received a corporate donation, which was directed to the septic tank project.  This happened after the Australian government gave M2M the green light to become a DGR. David received this funding just before the heaviest monsoonal rainfall started.


What happened after the wet season ended?

Sometime in November 2021, the wet season ended and the flood waters receded. Then after that, David recalled the construction workers to complete the septic tank project.


The outcome

The septic tank was successfully completed in early January 2022. It will be connected to a new toilet block, hopefully before the next wet season begins.

Meat budget for the conference in Rakhine

You may remember Elijah from the concrete well project in Rakhine state. If this project does not ring a bell, please click here to read the blog post.

In late January 2021, Kennedy informed Pauly about an upcoming evangelical conference, to be held at Elijah's commune in Rakhine state. Apparently there was plenty of rice and drinking water for all the conference attendees but there was no budget for meat.

Kennedy expected somewhere between 80 and 90 people to attend the conference and he said that it would cost $USD800 to feed all the attendees. Furthermore, the conference was to be spread over 5 days and 5 nights. If truth be told, over 170 people attended the conference and all the attendees were very well fed.

Within a very short timeframe, M2M received $AUD1000 from a donor who lives in Brisbane. That money was sent to Pastor David in early February and then, David transferred 800,000 kyats (roughly $AUD800) to Elijah just before the conference started on the 15th of February.

Below is a collection of photos to document the food preparations and the people who attended the conference.

The new orphanage shelter in Kale is ready

During the mission trip to Myanmar in March 2020, Pauly & Kennedy went to a town in Northern Myanmar called Kale (pronounced "Ka-lay"). Maung lives in Kale with his wife and children, and he runs a small orphanage over there.

In November 2020, Maung told Pauly that he was running out of space because he received a lot of new enrolments. Maung suggested building another dwelling to better accommodate the orphans and this is how the Orphanage Shelter Building Project (OSBP) started.

A target of $2500 was set in November 2020 and after two months of fundraising activities, M2M reached the target. Slightly more than $2500 has been sent to Maung in two instalments.

As per the photos below, M2M is pleased to inform you that the OSBP in Kale is finished.

Maung expressed his gratitude in a message, via Facebook Messenger, which he sent to Pauly on Monday, the 15th of February and here is the text:

Hallelujah, Amen
By your gracious support and help now we have a temporary shelters for the children.
All glory and honor to God.
Thanks you to all for hard working, Your Time as well your money for helping the children shelters.
May the Lord bless you abundantly.


It only takes a few mustard seeds

Kennedy is a full-time caretaker at the Yangon campus. He normally takes most of March off to be Pauly's cultural advisor, translator, and fellow humanitarian missionary in rural Myanmar.

During the previous humanitarian mission trip to Myanmar in March 2020, Pauly and Kennedy spoke about the importance of teaching the children some very valuable cultivation skills through various agricultural projects. These are very important skills for anybody living in developing countries as it can provide a source of food and an income too.

When Pauly & Kennedy visited a local market in Gangaw, in North-Western Myanmar, Kennedy picked up a small handful of mustard seeds. Kennedy aspired to plant the mustard seeds after his return to the Yangon campus.

After Pauly left Myanmar in May, Kennedy went back to the Yangon campus to face some very harsh restrictions caused by the Covid-19 crisis in Myanmar. The wet season created another barrier to any agricultural projects.

Sometime in November, the rain clouds went away and the Covid restrictions were eased. That's when Kennedy started planting the mustard seeds on the block of land, next to the outdoor orphanage hall.

It's been about two months since the seeds were planted so let's take a look at the results:

As you can see in the photo gallery above, the seeds have germinated and the sprouts have grown into vegetable-bearing plants. Kennedy and the kids are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mustard greens but, that has not stopped them from growing some other vegetables.

In the photos below you will see pots which consist of green onions, chilli peppers and tomatoes.

Way to go, Kennedy! Keep up the good work!

Concrete well in Rakhine State

On Thursday the 5th of November 2020, Pastor David sent Pauly a message via Facebook Messenger to inform him that the concrete well project in Rakhine state was finished.

Below is a collection of photos, which were taken by Elijah from Rakhine state, to document the construction of the well.

Before construction started

During construction

The final outcome

If you look carefully at the last photo you will see a tank next to the well. That's because there was enough money in the budget to build a well and a tank.

Elijah and his team of helpers are very grateful to all the donors who supported this project.

Gangaw 3 Girls Wearing Backpacks

It’s time to go back to school

The Mission2Myanmar (M2M) had its first ever shipping container project earlier this year.  That project was a complete success.

In early April the shipment arrived in Yangon.  However, due to the Covid-19 crisis in Myanmar, the staff at the Yangon campus were unable to unpack the shipment straight after its arrival.  Furthermore, this school year's start date was moved to late July.

The shipment consisted of many useful items such as backpacks and tables.

Unpacking the shipment was delayed until late July but it was well worth the wait because all the kids in Gangaw now have brand-new backpacks!

There were plenty of backpacks for all the kids at the Yangon campus too.

The shipment also consisted of many university-style tables which and are now being used for exams and lessons at the Yangon campus as featured in the photos below.

So it's time to go back to school, Gangaw and Yangon!

Let’s fill a shipping container!

Ever since we started back in February 2018, M2M has received many tangible donations such as kids clothes, stationery, haberdashery and laptops.

Normally we ask our missionary friends to carry light tangible goods with them on their flight to Myanmar. As most of you are aware, there are limits to how much one can carry on an airplane.

Now that the Yangon campus is home to 135 kids and 7 staff members, the need for clothes and stationery has grown immensely. Not only has there been an increase in demand for these essentials but also, there has been a sharp increase in the weight and volume of these essential items.

There are some other items on the list that are too bulky and too heavy for one to check-in. This is why we have decided to send a 20-foot shipping container to Yangon.

Below is the shipping schedule so please save these important dates.


Shipping schedule

Shipping Schedule v2

Loading the container

We have made arrangements for loading the shipping container.

An empty container will be delivered to a venue in East Brisbane in late January and we will have approximately 10 days to fill the container before the truck comes back to collect the container.

We will reveal the exact location in January 2020.


List of wanted items

Please click here to see the list of items that we would like to send to Myanmar by ship.


Where to store the items before the container becomes available?

At this stage, we do not have a temporary storage space for collecting items before the container becomes available for loading.

Two directors on the board have one extra guest bedroom in their homes which they will use as a temporary storage space until the container is delivered to East Brisbane. Unless you have a spare garage or a shed, you can do the same as well.


How can you help?

If you have a spare garage or shed which you rarely use and you don't mind having some bulky items for a short time, please write to

You can send the list of wanted items to your family, friends and co-workers. Don't be shy. You will never know unless you ask.

The more people who knows about this project, the more likely we will fill the shipping container before the ship leaves Port Brisbane in February!


What if I don't have any items to donate?

That's ok, because there is always another way for you to support this project.

Donations are welcome because every little bit helps.

The fastest and easiest way to donate is through PayPal.  To use this service, please click here.

If you would rather send money by bank transfer instead, please use our banking details below.

Bank name:  Suncorp Bank
BSB number:  484 799
Account number:  167 371 217
Account name:  Mission2Myanmar Ltd
Reference: Shipping


What if I live outside Brisbane?

If you live interstate and you would like to support this project by donating tangible items, please call Paul on 0452 447 828 or write to