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At the Yangon Campus


MIMR Yangon Campus in the wet season

Located on the outskirts of Yangon, the Myanmar Institute of Mission and Research (MIMR) campus is M2M's largest foreign-aid recipient. This private boarding school and orphanage shelter accommodate over 130 children plus onsite caretakers and teachers at full capacity during the school year.

Many of our valued supporters were unable to continue their donations due to the COVID crisis and funding therefore sharply plummeted. The children at the MIMR campus are now in desperate need of better quality food and education. This is why we created a crowdfunding campaign on the GoFundMe website.

Please help us elevate over 100 children in Myanmar out of poverty for the rest of their lives!  To find out how you can help, please click here.


Green chilli peppers

The Yangon campus has surprisingly fertile soil which has made it possible for the caretakers to grow vegetables at the campus.  Not only has this development enabled the campus to become more self-sufficient; but also, the children will be able to learn a thing or two about how to grow their own vegetables which is an excellent skill for one to have in a developing country such as Myanmar.

Some crops such as cherry tomatoes, chilli peppers and green onions grow well in pots. However, some crops such as the mustard leaf plantation was recently moved to higher ground to prevent exposure to floodwater.

$747 has been raised so far.  It's important to note that there will always be expenses for seeds, herbicides, wire mesh nets and so on.

In the Yangon district

Chin Refugees resettlement program in Yangon (CRY)

Chin Refugees in Yangon

If truth be told, most of our recipients in Myanmar originally came from Chin state, in North-West Myanmar. Muang is one of our recipients and he came from Chin.

Muang moved to Yangon where he started his own family and he planted the Global Transformation Mission Church. Looking after Chin Refugees in Yangon (CRY) is just one of Muang's many humanitarian projects.

The living conditions in Chin state are vastly different to the conditions in Yangon. Most places in Chin state have no ATMs and most people live in appalling poverty. The advent of Covid-19 and the constant scuffles between the national army and armed rebel groups is not making life any easier for the people who have to live there.

Using his very limited resources, Muang managed to accommodate 9 refugees in Yangon - please see the photo above. Your generous donations will make it possible for Muang to pay for their food, medical bills and rental expenses during their exile in Yangon.

$9819 has been sent to Muang.

From the Magway region

Rice for refugees

Bags of rice

During the mission trip to Myanmar in 2020,  Pauly & Kennedy traveled to a town in the Magway region called Pakokku.  That's where Pauly was introduced to Joseph and his wife.  Joseph was a graduate from Pastor David's college.  After graduating, Joseph was commissioned by the Global Baptist Association to disciple to the people who live in Pakokku.

Due to the political instability in Myanmar, Joseph and his wife have been using their limited resources to help the refugees, from Mindat, who fled to Pakokku.

$1,325 has been sent to Joseph.

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You'll be pleased to know that every donation over $2 is tax deductible.

Please transfer your money to our bank account using the details below.

Bank name:  Suncorp Bank
BSB number:  484 799
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Account name:  Mission2Myanmar Ltd

So that we can send you a tax receipt promptly, please send an email to info@mission2myanmar.org after completing your bank transfer and remember to include the following information:

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I need some more information before I donate

There's no harm in asking questions.  If you don't ask questions then you won't know why.

Please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0452 447 828 or write to info@mission2myanmar.org

We would be delighted to arrange a Zoom video conference call or a face-to-face meeting with you if need be.

Other ways to support the kids in Myanmar

Please consider sponsoring a needy child.  It costs just over $100 every three months.  For more information about child sponsorship, please write to info@mission2myanmar.org.

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