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We're sending another shipment in December 2022!

Shipment to the Karen Refugees in Thailand (SKRT)

Karen People Living in Camps

Karen People Living in Camps

Back in 2020, M2M sent a shipment to our largest recipient in Yangon. If truth be told, that ship did not dock in Yangon. It docked in a port near Bangkok, in Thailand. After the cargo was cleared by Thai customs, the remainder of the journey from Bangkok to Yangon was completed by truck. Having retraced that road trip, it appears that the cargo came very close to a series of camps along the Thai-Burmese border.

As it turns out, those camps are mostly populated by Karen refugees who used to live in Myanmar. Did you know that the Karen people are not Burmese? That's because the Karen people are actually descendants of the mongols! They have their own language, which has absolutely no connection to both the Burmese and Thai languages, and they have their own traditional costumes too.

The Karen people are one of the most persecuted ethnic minority groups in the world. Many people live in camps throughout rural Thailand, and some people still live in the jungles. Ever since the recent conflict between Russia & the Ukraine started, most of the foreign aid providers, who previously supported the Karen people, have abandoned them. Consequently, there are thousands of people who are starving, and some have already committed suicide.

Unfortunately, M2M will not be able to feed and clothe every single person who lives in these camps. But hopefully, this shipment will send out a loud and clear message to those international organisations to come back to Thailand and resume supporting the Karen people.

We have been showered with a mountain of tangible goods, which will need to be sorted and packed.  Therefore, if you'd like to lend a hand at the Working Bee event on Saturday, the 10th of December 2022 in Brisbane, please click here for more information.

Chin Refugees resettlement program in Yangon (CRY)

Muang and his community

If truth be told, most of our recipients in Myanmar originally came from Chin state, in North-West Myanmar. Muang is one of our recipients and he came from Chin.

Muang moved to Yangon where he started his own family and he planted the Global Transformation Mission Church. Looking after Chin Refugees in Yangon (CRY) is just one of Muang's many humanitarian projects.

The living conditions in Chin state are vastly different to the conditions in Yangon. Most places in Chin state have no ATMs and most people live in appalling poverty. The advent of Covid-19 and the constant scuffles between the national army and armed rebel groups is not making life any easier for the people who have to live there.

Using his limited resources, Muang managed to accommodate 16 refugees in Yangon - please see the photo above. Your generous donations will make it possible for Muang to pay for their food, medical bills and rental expenses during their exile in Yangon.

$13,104.47 has been sent to Muang.

Mercy Fund Outreach program (MFO)

Mercy Fund Outreach

Mercy Fund Outreach

Due to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar, Mercy and her family have been inundated with requests for financial support from more than 30 families.  However, due to the rising costs of rice and cooking oil, in Myanmar, Mercy and her family will not be able to assist those families without your support.

The Mission2Myanmar (M2M) recently sent Mercy some money for food along with an additional 800,000 Kyats supplement, to enable Mercy to pay for healthcare.  As you can see in the photo on the right, a little boy was bandaged and treated for a gaping wound in his leg.

Thanks to one generous donor in Brisbane, M2M will be able to continue sending Mercy monthly payments for food for the next 6 months.  What happens after 6 months?  That's a good question.  The answer is, that depends on you.  Please consider giving generously to this worthy cause.

$1470 has been sent to Mercy.

In the Yangon district

From the Magway region

Rice for refugees

Bags of rice

During the mission trip to Myanmar in 2020,  Pauly & Kennedy traveled to a town in the Magway region called Pakokku.  That's where Pauly was introduced to Joseph and his wife.  Joseph was a graduate from Pastor David's college.  After graduating, Joseph was commissioned by the Global Baptist Association to disciple to the people who live in Pakokku.

Due to the political instability in Myanmar, Joseph and his wife have been using their limited resources to help the refugees, from Mindat, who fled to Pakokku.

$3,325 has been sent to Joseph.

From Rakhine state


Life in Rakhine

Life in Rakhine

If you thought that living in the city was tough; try living in the countryside.  Elijah runs a commune in a rural part of Rakhine state, which is over 200 miles away from the nearest convenience store.

M2M has been supporting Elijah since Paul's mission trip to Myanmar in 2020.

Although the commune is partially self-sufficient, financial resources are still needed for meat and various building projects, such as the kitchen project.

$4,600 has been sent to Elijah.

From further afield


Simon and his family in India

Simon and his family in India

Due to ongoing political instability in Myanmar along with severe disruptions to supply chains, which were caused by the Covid-19 crisis, many people have sought political asylum in Myanmar's neighbouring countries such as India.  And that's exactly what Simon and his family did.

Simon used to be in charge of the Gangaw campus, which was located in the Magway region.  Paul and Kennedy visited Simon in 2019 and 2020.

Shortly after Simon married Yin Yin, they welcomed their first child into the world.  Then after that, this family fled to North-East India, where they now live as Burmese refugees.

$100 has been sent to Simon.

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Please don't hesitate to give us a call on 0452 447 828 or write to info@mission2myanmar.org

We would be delighted to arrange a Zoom video conference call or a face-to-face meeting with you if need be.

Other ways to support the kids in Myanmar

Please consider sponsoring a needy child.  It costs just over $100 every three months.  For more information about child sponsorship, please write to info@mission2myanmar.org.

Did you know that you can support the local economy and support the kids of Myanmar at the same time?  Want to know how?  Please click on the links below.

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