Who Are We

Mike Continues Entertaining The Kids
Three Boys Outside Dormitory
Orphanage - view from the mud track

How it started

In September 2017, Paul Keselman went to Myanmar for a short-term mission trip with the Operation 513 group.  There were 12 missionaries from South-East Queensland who went to Myanmar, including Paul.

On the second day of the mission, the 12 missionaries visited Pastor David Ling's Baptist church and orphanage which is on the outskirts of Yangon.

Even though the orphans and the orphanage workers are fit and healthy, the conditions at the orphanage could use some improvement.

There was no clean water at the orphanage back in September 2017 and the church elders did not have the money to install a water purification system.

The drainage after heavy rain is completely inadequate.  Due to the grounds concavity, it can take several days for rainwater puddles to subside and this creates a perfect breeding ground for nasty water-borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

Unless foreigners visit and donate to the church, the orphans and the orphanage workers have no choice but to survive on rice, green vegetables and bananas; all of which grows nearby.

Like most of the other missionaries, Paul gave Pastor David a donation which was cheerfully received.  But so much more needs to be done to clothe, feed and educate the many needy people who live in Myanmar which is why Paul decided to start this charity.

So what can I do?

You can make a once-off or monthly donation.  Did you know that only $USD40 per month is enough to provide food, clean water, clothing and an education for an orphan?

If you would rather donate clothing, crayons and second-hand laptops instead; that's great!  Please go to the projects page for more information.

Do you need some more information?

Perhaps you're already a member, a donor or a volunteer.  Or maybe you are still contemplating joining the Mission2Myanmar.  Whatever the case may be, below is an entertaining Home Group Presentation where the chairman, Paul Keselman, explains who we are and what we do.  If you have not seen this video, please watch it now.

Would you like to make a donation?

Even a small amount of money can make a world of difference to a needy person living in Myanmar. To make a donation, please press the green button.