Meat budget for the conference in Rakhine

Meat budget for the conference in Rakhine

You may remember Elijah from the concrete well project in Rakhine state. If this project does not ring a bell, please click here to read the blog post.

In late January 2021, Kennedy informed Pauly about an upcoming evangelical conference, to be held at Elijah's commune in Rakhine state. Apparently there was plenty of rice and drinking water for all the conference attendees but there was no budget for meat.

Kennedy expected somewhere between 80 and 90 people to attend the conference and he said that it would cost $USD800 to feed all the attendees. Furthermore, the conference was to be spread over 5 days and 5 nights. If truth be told, over 170 people attended the conference and all the attendees were very well fed.

Within a very short timeframe, M2M received $AUD1000 from a donor who lives in Brisbane. That money was sent to Pastor David in early February and then, David transferred 800,000 kyats (roughly $AUD800) to Elijah just before the conference started on the 15th of February.

Below is a collection of photos to document the food preparations and the people who attended the conference.


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