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Muang and his wife clothed a group of underprivileged children

In Yangon, one does not have to walk very far to find a group of underprivileged children that live in poverty. The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar is making it harder for many people to afford staple foods such as rice and cooking oil. While the Mission2Myanmar is doing everything we can to feed and clothe our recipients; some of our recipients are using their limited resources to help other people who are struggling.

As most of you are already aware, Muang is currently our largest recipient, and he runs the Chin Refugee Centre (CRC) in Yangon. Near the CRC is a makeshift hut that is home to 9 siblings, and it is also home to a group of other children from various families. Muang and his wife clothed these children on two occasions.

Below is a series of low resolution photos, taken by Muang's previous mobile phone camera, to document the first time that Muang and his wife donated preloved clothes to the underprivileged children. These clothes were previously used by the children in Muang's care.

Below is a series of higher resolution photos, taken by Muang's new mobile phone, to document the second time that Muang and his wife purchased new clothes for the underprivileged children. These new clothes were bought with the money that Muang received from M2M.

Even though M2M could not possibly feed and clothe every single child in Myanmar, at least Muang and his wife found a way to care for the underprivileged children in their community by sharing. M2M commends Muang, and his wife, for their beautiful act of selflessness.

The kids received the clothes

The kids received the clothes which were very kindly donated by many people from Sydney

There were so many clothes from so many different people; Paul managed to fill two bags during his trip to Sydney for business and family commitments.

Ryan from Operation 513 returned to Myanmar in late January 2018 and in the photo below, you can see Ryan handing over the two bags to Pastor David.

Ryan Handing Over Bags Of Clothes To Pastor David


Below is a video which Pastor David took to express his gratitude for this gift.

If you were one of the many donors who donated to this project, on behalf of the Mission2Myanmar, thank you very much for your generosity and may God bless you!

If you missed out, there is no need for alarm.  There will be more short-term mission trips to Myanmar in the not too distant future and you can always donate your kids’ clothes.  For more information please visit the Projects page.

Here's one more video clip of the kids forming an assembly outside the dormitories.  If you look carefully below their uniforms (the white tops), you will realise that they're actually wearing the donated clothes below the uniform.