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Update on the land expansion project

As many of you are already aware, in mid-November 2018, Pastor David legally acquired a large block of land which previously belonged to his landlord.  There has been some progress on this land expansion project since then.

The new block of land now has a new fence around its perimeter and the land has been leveled and it has been cleared of overgrown grass and weeds.

Below are some photos and if you scroll further down, then you will find links to video clips.

The block of land was full of overgrown grass and weeds when it was acquired
The new fence is still under construction
Tractor just started the long task of clearing the land
Now one can walk across the block of land

A lot more progress has been made on clearing the land than what you can see in the photo gallery above.  Please click on the links below to watch some video clips.

Before the land clearing operation started

Leveling and clearing in progress

Leveled land without any weeds

Land cleared and leveled in 4 days

Work on the new fence

Work on the new fence continued


The next step is for Pastor David to employ an engineer to inspect and survey the land for future building and agricultural projects.

We will post another blog after we receive the engineer's report.