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It only takes a few mustard seeds

Kennedy is a full-time caretaker at the Yangon campus. He normally takes most of March off to be Pauly's cultural advisor, translator, and fellow humanitarian missionary in rural Myanmar.

During the previous humanitarian mission trip to Myanmar in March 2020, Pauly and Kennedy spoke about the importance of teaching the children some very valuable cultivation skills through various agricultural projects. These are very important skills for anybody living in developing countries as it can provide a source of food and an income too.

When Pauly & Kennedy visited a local market in Gangaw, in North-Western Myanmar, Kennedy picked up a small handful of mustard seeds. Kennedy aspired to plant the mustard seeds after his return to the Yangon campus.

After Pauly left Myanmar in May, Kennedy went back to the Yangon campus to face some very harsh restrictions caused by the Covid-19 crisis in Myanmar. The wet season created another barrier to any agricultural projects.

Sometime in November, the rain clouds went away and the Covid restrictions were eased. That's when Kennedy started planting the mustard seeds on the block of land, next to the outdoor orphanage hall.

It's been about two months since the seeds were planted so let's take a look at the results:

As you can see in the photo gallery above, the seeds have germinated and the sprouts have grown into vegetable-bearing plants. Kennedy and the kids are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mustard greens but, that has not stopped them from growing some other vegetables.

In the photos below you will see pots which consist of green onions, chilli peppers and tomatoes.

Way to go, Kennedy! Keep up the good work!